What is POBOS ?

POBOS provides information on cost, productivity, supply chain and quality performance across more than 70 pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Companies can use the information to understand productivity drivers and their impact and quickly focus efforts on the highest value areas.

Industry-leading benchmarking

  • Established in 2003
  • Participants include over 50 leading pharma companies and medical device companies
  • Unique breadth and depth within industry – with benchmarks along every step of the value chain (production, supply, quality)

Global coverage

  • POBOS™ databases include 600+ plants across all regions

Simple and proven process

  • Well-established and easy process ensures quick delivery of POBOS™ results
  • Depending on benchmarking module and data availability the process can be completed in 2 - 8 weeks

Comparability through unique normalization methodology

  • POBOS™ offers as close as possible apples-to-apples comparison through normalization of metrics (e.g., metrics are adjusted by appropriate factors such as product type, value chain step, complexity, volume).

Meaningful and insightful findings

  • Relevant quantitative KPIs focused on all key dimensions of performance (e.g., costs, productivity, time, and quality for manufacturing sites)
  • Deep-dive analyses (e.g., line level, product level, warehouse level) to identify actionable opportunities and areas for further exploration
  • Guidance on approach to realize opportunity