How POBOS can help

POBOS spans multiple technologies and stages in the value chain to give you a full perspective on the manufacturing network. For the analysis the participating plants are grouped in technology clusters for comparability.

Size Your Opportunity

  • Assess your operations performance against other top global pharma companies
  • Understand and quantify your improvement potential 


  • Understand your performance in-depth through detailed operations metrics and benchmarks
  • Leverage POBOS™ expert plant walks and Gemba diagnostics to focus your efforts on the highest impact areas

Track The Impact Of Your Improvement Efforts

  • Monitor your performance over time
  • Compare performance improvement pace against the industry

Learn & Improve

  • Get access to wide range of McKinsey learning tools and forums

Join A Renowned Community Of Industry Peers

  • Participate in POBOS™ roundtables, share best practices, and exchange insights with industry leaders